Career Development Resources

The Canadian job market may be quite different from job markets in countries where you have previously worked.

In order to secure a job in Canada, it is important to understand what is expected of you from Canadian employers — from your CV/resume and cover letter, to your interview skills and work attitude. The CanadaVisa career tools will assist you in your goals for working in Canada.


CanadaVisa Career Tools

  • Canada Job Search Tool: Start your job search now.
  • Work in Canada FAQ: Frequently asked questions about working and finding a job in Canada.
  • Canada Resume Builder: Build your Canadian resume and store it in the CanadaVisa Resume Bank.
  • Canada Salary Calculator: Obtain a salary report for different areas of Canada.
  • Canadian Labour Standards: Learn about the minimum standards for wages and conditions of employment in each region of Canada. Rules on such issues as hours of work and overtime pay, vacations and pregnancy leave are all set out in this feature.
  • Job Interviews: A summary of what may and may not be asked by Canadian employers as part of the employee selection process, and general information on how to ask questions in a non-discriminatory fashion.
  • How to Write a Resume: Tips about how to tailor your resume for the Canadian job market.
  • Canadian Salary Survey: From Cooks to Information Technology Specialists, find out what your education and experience are worth in Canada.